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Connecting the dots between digital media and in-store footfall

Wallet Technology

We utilise the latest Wallet and Mobile Pass technology with the most effective distribution platforms to build campaigns that are highly targeted, relevant and present these to an audience that is engaged, loyal and growing.

Each campaign is carefully planned and delivered with a close eye on the required performance and attribution. Retired coupons, vouchers and invites can all be refreshed in the background to re-engage with your new converted customers.

In-App Solutions


We work with several high street organisations and official trading bodies, community brands and local authorities to offer collaborative offering where you sit along side other retailers in a defined location. A perfect solution for building a community around independent retailers and your local high street.


If you are looking to develop your own community around your store, high street, products and offers we are able to offer an approved mobile app, downloadable from Android, Google and Apple marketplaces that is branded and built specifically for you and you customers.

Beacon & Proximity Technology

Beacon technology is already enabling retailers the ability to define proximities and alert current and potential customers. Messages can be tailored to groups of customers offering coupons, discounts or loyalty rewards, and experiences in real time with or without a mobile application solution. Utilise your existing Beacon network if present, or start anew.

Footfall & WiFi Counters

We are able to leverage your stores existing camera, Wifi/MAC counter, or Footfall Cam technology, to validate and report on the actual footfall we have generated for your campaign. Testing and refining, constantly optimising the marketing funnel and mobile distribution we are able to tie this back to the direct spend. Delivering quantifiable attribution and exceeding campaign performance goals and KPIs.

Footfall Measurement & Attribution

Unlike some mobile solution companies we don’t mark our own homework. We work with industry accepted location-based and GDPR compliant intelligence companies to further qualify our performance. Their powerful campaign insights help shape further activity to optimise future planning, buying and location based marketing efforts.

Redemption Systems

Record your customers redemptions with confidence

Validate your customers passes with confidence. We can import and use your validation codes generated by your POS system.

Unable to create codes through your POS? No Problem. Talk to us about our other creation and redemption solutions.

No need to buy expensive scanning hardware. Our passes work with free apps like Pass Verifier.

By integrating Gravity Cards into your POS system you can process mobile coupons directly into your POS system and validate them after usage via our JSON rest API. (This solution requires development work from your POS supplier)

Market Leading Technology Partnerships

Leading Independent DSPs

We work with the world’s leading independent DSPs to reach an audience and communicate a clear message as efficiently as possible. Working with independent DSPs gives us the freedom and autonomy to build a community of engaged customers.

Data Providers

Understanding and utilising data is key for us to reach an audience that is most likely to engage with your brand. Data allows us to ensure efficiently and calculated media spend, the partners we choose are industry leading and built for success.

Creative Platforms & Solutions

Working with cutting edge creative delivery, management and reporting solutions to deliver the most effective and engaging advertising formats. Customer generation, coupon delivery, attribution and optimisation are all key considerations for your campaigns creatives.

Verification Companies

We don’t mark our own homework. Independent Verification Companies are employed for every campaign. Brand safety, viewability measurement, footfall verification, store data and location verification tools are all used to ensure accurate ROI Reporting.

Supply Side Partners

With the broadest list of supply partners and private marketplaces we can reach and engage with your curated audience and introduce them to the first step of their mobile journey with you.

Footfall Measurement

Independent footfall measurement and tracking is possible with every campaign we run. 3rd party technology can be utilised or installed to ensure that your budgets are delivering tangible results at the till.

Innovative Solutions

We pride ourselves on the strength of the technology partnerships we have established and work to increase our network of partners. We utilise the latest in advertising, retail, reporting and optimisation technology to delivery truly exceptional results.

Proprietary Technology

Our in-house technology is built to enable true attribution of digital ad spend to tangible, in-store footfall, build brand led communities that are activity engaged and excited by the benefits, discounts and offers we can deliver.

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