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Tangible footfall driven through creative mobile solutions

At Gravity Media, we work with retailers to build a clear picture of potential and current customers, shape specific offers and deliver a localised message that brings true customer value.

Identify & Engage

We utilise custom built or predefined audiences from DMPs and other trusted GDPR compliant data sources, contextual audiences, and location relevant audiences for your mobile marketing campaign.

We develop, manage, and refine mobile engagement strategies across mobile media and social channels to drive customers to your store, all with demonstrable results.

Fair Value Exchange

We deliver special VIP offers by engaging with relevant potential customers through rich media creative, our Gravity Cards and apps, personalised coupons, incentivised vouchers, personalised video and the latest wallet technology across iOS and Android.

We develop, manage, and deliver real customer acquisition campaigns with our in-house teams, adapting and optimising in real time. All verifiable by industry accepted 3rd parties.

Proximity Notifications

Proximity Notification

Understand exactly what promotional techniques drive customers to your store and shape future offers and communications though our Gravity Card solution.

Tangible Footfall

Tangible Footfall

Integration with 3rd-party footfall measurement systems to ensure your budgets are delivering tangible results at the till. Learn more about where your customers are before and after visiting you.

Audience Retention

Audience Retention

Deliver more than an advertising message, give your customers something that gives them true value exchange and opens a new personalised communication channel.

Real Time Updates

Real Time Updates

Update offers, passes and discounts in real time straight to users devices. Change notification radius, offers and flight times with immediate effect.

Creative Management

Creative Management

Our in-house team build you a full suite of creatives for customer acquisition, including Gravity Cards, coupons, vouchers, and push notifications.

Media Planning & Buying

Media Planning & Buying

An important component of every campaign. We deliver your Store’s Gravity Card coupons and vouchers to the right customer for your business.

Real Time Reporting

Real Time Reporting

Monitor active offers and passes, conversion performance, redemption, and footfall in real time.

Social Sharing

Social Sharing

Allow your brands influencers to push your VIP offers through Social media channels. A true value exchange with your heavy customers.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

Harness our portfolio of products to build a bespoke tailored solution to drive customers to your stores.

Converting light customers to heavy customers

Your new valued customer has just engaged with your brand by walking through your doors via our mobile solutions.

You can now start a new one-to-one on-going conversation with your customer.

Your customer retention strategy receives a fresh boost via push notifications to their home screen, via new coupons and incentives refreshed in the background on the device, all without the need of creating, distributing, or maintaining an app across all platforms.

All this in parallel with your next marketing drive and retention programme.

Independent Verification

We don’t mark our own homework. Independent Verification Companies are employed for every campaign. Brand safety, viewability measurement, footfall verification, store data and location verification tools are all used to ensure accurate ROI Reporting.

Gravity Cards

Fully Customisable

We create your fully branded coupons, limit their usage and control expiration dates.

Store Information

Include store information such as location (Google maps), opening times, website link to mobile app, and much more.

Sharing and Saving Methods

Coupon and vouchers are available for sharing on social media channels, save to email, send as SMS, and much more.

Link to Social Media

Link back to your own social media channels for influencer distribution.

Various Redemption Methods

We have various validation solutions that work with 3rd party apps or POS.


Add gamification (e.g. scratch and win) to your Gravity Cards and set the odds on winning different levels of prize coupons.

Mobile Wallet Integration

Your customers can save coupons to their mobile wallets (such as Apple Passbook or Google Wallet)

Flexible Methods to Claim Coupon

Option to push customers to watch a video, make a prior purchase, enter personal data, install an app etc to obtain an offer.

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