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Account Manager

The foundation of our business is the client, their customers and the connection we can enable between them. We are a powerful and unique messaging tool that takes a great deal of responsibility to deliver correctly. We are currently seeking a candidate to provide day to day customer service and manage our growing client base. You need to be good at listening and building relationships, comfortable with managing client records, personable and professional, meticulous, technically capable and excited to be part of the team. No previous astronaut experience required.

Full Stack Developer

Our strength is driven by our understanding data, user behaviour and the decisions we make from them – all combined with our mobile solutions. Our dev team ensure the structural underpinnings of our constant evolving technology translate to a user centric experience throughout our proprietary platform. We are currently seeking a rock n’ roll astronaut who is professional, meticulous, technically proficient and excited to be part of our foundation team.


We understand how difficult it can be to enter the technology space with limited experience. If you are looking for an opportunity to initiate your first steps into the industry we welcome a conversation. It is important to us that we find and support hard working, motivated & personable individuals looking for support, training and extensive opportunities for the future.

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