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Translating any advertising spend into attributed increases in customer footfall is a mission that retailers are constantly working towards calculating effectively, understanding fully and improving upon.

At Gravity Media, we work with bricks and mortar brands, local, national and international – all along the high street and in shopping centres – to build a clear picture of potential and current customers.

Working with innovative solutions across mobile, DOOH and social channels we empower our retail clients to pull new and lapsed customers through the store front and to the tills. All fully trackable, accountable and directly attributable in real time.

Gravity Media

Footfall Generation

We identify, connect, engage, and convert. Customers gravitate to your store.

Creative Management

We build bespoke mobile creative & content – apps, coupons, loyalty, events, & promotions.

Customer Aquistion

Run campaigns in parallel. Incentivise new customers, & reward light and heavy customers.


We demonstrate & illustrate the effect of your marketing spend with full attribution in real time.

Real Time Solutions for Retailers and Consumers


Offer your customers real time, location specific discounts, loyalty rewards & tickets. Utilise the latest wallet technology to reach your customers out of home & when in proximity of your store – without the need to maintain applications or beacons.

  • Reach an audience that is engages with your brand.
  • Update and adjust in real time.
  • Retain and re-market to a growing audience base.
  • Build unique messages for location or customer type.
  • Report on coupon adoption and footfall uplift.


Receive real time offers from your choice of retailers within a specific radius of your location. Gain personal discounts and unique rewards that are displayed directly to your Apple or Android device in real time.

  • Discounts, offers, invites and rewards delivered in real time.
  • Location and time sensitive offers.
  • Share with friends via social channels, SMS and email.
  • Proximity based push notifications for relevant nearby.
  • Engaging advertising formats.

The consumer is hungry for a more effective solution

of consumers want to receive personal incentives.

failed to redeem a coupon they wanted because it had already expired.

of consumers are comfortable with paperless coupons.

like to go in-store if they receive an expiration reminder when near.


2016 Forresters Report : Key Trends will Transform Mobile Marketing
2017 Vibes Mobile Consumer Report

Customer Value Exchange

Customer Value Exchange

Deliver more than an advertising message, give your customers something of true value to engage with you.

Location Based Notifications

Location Based Notifications

New potential and retained customers receive a targeted message when entering a pre-determined location.

Complete Journey Tracking

Complete Journey Tracking

Using opt-in mobile tracking, beacon technology and footfall cameras to record the complete customer journey and value.

Real Time ROI

Real Time ROI

Refine elements of the campaign to understand what drives customers to your store and shape future offers.

Real Time Updates

Real Time Updates

Update offers in real time. Change proximity radius, offers and flight times with immediate effect.

Technical Integration

Technical Integration

Connect with your systems to manage your campaigns, MAC counters, till data, beacons and much more.

Loyalty Cards

Mobile Coupons

Store Cards

VIP Experiences

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